In line with Masdar City’s overall goals, our sports park has been developed with the same focus of creating a more sustainable future for all. Here are some of the principles of sustainability that have been incorporated into ACTIVE Masdar City.


Plants in ACTIVE Masdar City are native and adaptive plant species. This enhances the ecological value of the land. Their placement also provides daytime shade to keep visitors cool.


Our irrigation system uses treated, recycled water. Through the use of efficient irrigation, leak detection, and plants with low irrigation needs and drought tolerant traits, we’ve reduced the annual average irrigation demand at ACTIVE Masdar City to less than 2 liters per square metre.



Energy use is reduced by 50% through our efficient lighting fixtures. Not only do the systems reduce power requirements, they also combat light pollution that can disrupt the natural ecosystem.

Special materials

Walkways and fitness areas at ACTIVE Masdar City stay cooler by using materials that are low on the solar reflectance index. This is a desirable experience that further reduces the urban heat island effect.


By separating waste, then sending it to segregated waste recycling facilities, ACTIVE Masdar City has its eyes set on achieving at least 70% waste diversion.


Fixtures in the clubhouse reduce water use by 50% over without sacrificing comfort.